Tim's Rustic Structures

** All green Houses are made with aged and rustic cedar wood. The roofing shingles have a life time policy. The green houses are built on 4x4 treated skids and has 10 windows. The shelves are adjustable with a slide out shelf on one side of the green house. All green houses have a natural bird house under the eve in the front of the house. Any customizing options are upon request. **

** All garden sheds are made with rustic cedar wood. You can store any summer tools in these garden sheds. The measurements are 4x5 or 4x6 and it stands 7 feet tall. All garden sheds are built on 4x4 treated skids and have 5 removable shelves. Bird houses are built on the peak under the eves of the sheds. Both bird house and moons/stars are optional. Any customizing options are upon request. **